The Joker 10 best Quotes ever | The Joker 2017

The JOKER is called the clown prince of crime, the  jester of genocide, the harlequin of hate — and he is arguably the most quotable super villain in history.

Sometimes the Joker’s telling a joke, other times he’s expressing a profound thought. In all cases, The Joker is ever quotable — and his best quotes ever are worth revisiting. Check out the list of the Joker’s craziest quotes of all time below for a taste of the madness.

  • “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?” Batman, 1989

  • “Wait till they get a load of me” Batman, 1989

  • “I’m crazy enough to take on Batman, but the IRS? No thank you!” The New Batman Adventures, 1996

  • “Come on Mcguinness, laugh it up now!” Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker,2002

  • “Why so serious” The Dark  Knight, 2008

  • “You complete me” The Dark Knight, 2008

  • “Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos” The Dark  Knight, 2008

  • “I suppose I’m going to have to teach you a lesson so you can better follow in his footsteps. Nah, I’m just gonna keep beating you.” Batman Under The Red Hood, 2010

  • “Ba…Ba…Batman, darling” Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, 2012

  • “All it takes is one bad day.” Batman: The Killing Joke, 2016

  • “I can’t wait to show you my toys” Suicide Squad, 2016


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